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Dear Friends,

Welcome to our web site. Here you will see the main range of the products offered by our company.

We offer equipment for all types of sports facilities from gyms to sports arenas designated for different purposes.

Currently GREVS is among the first ten Russian companies specializing in supply of full range of equipment for sports facilities.

Good business reputation helps gain confidence of many known foreign companies. Thanks to the cooperation with these companies GREVS brought the equipment certified by international sports associations to the Russian market and came with original innovative proposals on equipping of sports facilities.

We provide sports equipment of such trademarks as

GREVS employees make a big contribution to creation of facilities for preparation and hosting major sports events. The Company participated in supply of sports equipment and gear  for more than 25 sports federations for preparation of Russian  national teams for the Olympic Games in Vancouver (2010), Beijing (2008), Torino (2006), Athens, (2004), Sydney (2000). It should be noted that working on these projects we supplied professional equipment for some kinds of sports that have a weak position on the Russian sports market, such as curling, clay target shooting, shooting sports, rowing, bobsleigh.

The equipment indicated in this catalogue is only a small part from a vast list of sports goods supplied by our company. We monitor and respond rapidly to various demands of the sports market, and we support Russian manufacturers whose equipment can now compete with foreign plant-manufacturers in terms of quality and price.

GREVS employees are a team of professionals who can always provide consulting services on any matters associated with selection and placement of sports equipment in sports facilities.

The areas of our activities:

  • Supply of sports gear and equipment for training sessions and competitions including equipment certified by international sports federations  
  • Installation of sports equipment
  • Own production shop for equipping of sports facilities
  • Service, after-sales service
  • Operation training
  • Consultations on selection and placement of sports equipment

We will provide you with the best solution on equipping of sports facilities of any level with good value for money!

Victor Zhukov
General Director

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