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Superior by Design

Designed for the highest level of competition

Wherever great basketball is played, you will fi nd Schelde portable basketball backstops setting the world standard for excellence. No other portable goals set up quicker, perform better or can endure more punishment than Schelde units. Our portable backstops were developed in line with the regulations issued by FIBA Study Centre, to meet or exceed all requirements for the highest level of performance, safety and play.

SAM Club

Portable folding Basketball Backstops

s003Super SAM engineering and innovation

When we invented the Spring Assisted Mechanism (SAM), this eliminated the need for electrical and hydraulic systems and all the problems associated with them. Schelde's SAM engineering and DSF (Dynamic Sub Frame) make raising and leveling the unit a 5 second process – not minutes or hours. With just a single push, one person can easily raise the unit into game position while simultaneously leveling the base and placing the ring at precisely 305 cm.

Built to take a beating

The game of basketball has become more physical and more demanding. Today's players are stronger and faster, and shot clocks are getting larger and heavier. These demands place greater stress on portable equipment, but are no problem for Schelde's portable Super SAM goals. Our reinforced frame and support beams with heavy-duty cross members are virtually indestructible. The pin positioning system guarantees correct positioning on the fl oor and also assures that the backstops stay in place after the heaviest slam dunks. And our "dunk proof" glass backboards have eliminated shattered backboards.

Best for players, best for fans

Schelde's safe, stable, reliable equipment is a favourite among players in over 100 countries. Even after the meanest monster dunk, the basket returns to the static position in seconds. No wobbly baskets. No bent frames. No shifting bases. No shattered backboards. Players are free to play the game the way it was meant to be played. And Schelde's sleek, elegant lines and low visual profi le put the spectator right in the action, offering better sight lines and fewer blind spots. So people in the premium seats behind the goal get a clear view of the game.


The Next Generation of Schelde Sports Innovation

Superior engineering is the heart of all Schelde sports equipment and the soul of our company culture.

The SAM portable basketball goal is a shining example of what can be done when this philosophy is followed. Renowned for its simplicity, durability and innovative design, the SAM has been the world's number one selling portable goal over the past 18 years.

More than 6,000 SAMs are currently in use in over 100 countries, and for many good reasons. Like a true champion, the SAM refuses to rest on its past achievements as it continues to push the limits of perfection. Redesigning the SAM was a natural outgrowth of the Schelde mission, attaining new heights of technology that translate into real advantages for our customers. Our team of engineers, including the inventor and chief engineer for the original SAM, studied and re-evaluated every detail of SAM's structural and mechanical systems. We also engaged the collective intelligence of our top sales team, installers, technicians and, of course, feedback from our customers. The result is a new Super SAM that raises the world standard while expanding on the innovative features that have made it legendary.


Spring Assisted Mechanism and Dynamic Sub Frame

SAM derives its name from its Spring Assisted Mechanism (SAM). A simple, yet revolutionary idea that harnesses the natural laws of physics, the Spring Assisted Mechanism was invented by Schelde to eliminate the problems and complexities associated with hydraulic and electro-mechanical lift systems. No hydraulic pumps,hoses or fl uids to service. No motors or gears to grease. Nothing to repair. Designed to last, well, almost forever.

In its folded, mobile position, SAM stores energy in its counterbalanced spring mechanism. With just a simple push, one person can easily raise the unit into game position. Folding the unit is just as simple, assisted by the natural force of gravity. Working in tandem with the Spring Assisted Mechanism, Schelde's patented Dynamic Sub Frame (DSF) is uniquely designed to simultaneously transfer weight from the wheels to the subframe using energy from the springs. The subframe is a steel bar with a resilient protective pad that evenly distributes weight along the floor. This system automatically stabilizes the unit and places the ring at precisely 305 cm. The even distribution of weight guarantees maximum protection of vulnerable sports floors.

Dynamic Sub Frame in mobile position (up). Increased clearance space between DSF bar and fl oor allows for easy transport. Double swivel wheels help protect fl oors. Two rollers protect the DSF when driving up a ramp.
Dynamic Sub Frame in game position (down). Steel bar with resilient protective pad evenly distributes weight, helps protect fl oors and absorbs the impact of slam dunks.